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Join me for an immersive experience and see the best of the underwater world.


October 2024

December 2024

March 2025

What Sets These Trips Apart

Expert Instructors

Small Groups

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Community of Divers

World Class Destinations

Trip modifications offered for non-divers

Dive Travel With Aly is a unique travel experience that combines solo travel with exotic adventure. Owned by a scuba instructor who loves solo travel and was always making new dive buddies along the way, Aly is passionate about scuba networking and teaching people how to explore the world & the depths of the ocean in a safe and exciting way. Whether you are looking to escape the daily grind of a desk job, get certified or just have a craving for adventure, Aly can help you explore new locations, get your gills wet and experience the beauty and tranquility of the underwater world.

What Participants have said

"I got certified on a trip with Aly and although she was not my certifying instructor, she picked the best possible instructor for me. I was anxious and scared, but now I feel capable to go diving in any environment"

"Aly has a way of making people from all around the world come together. I made a lifelong friend on her Caymans trip. I'll go on any dive trip she plans"

"The best part of this trip was that everyone had different certification levels but still had great dives and shared photos and videos like we have all been diving together for years"

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