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Learn about Scuba & Get Certified

Get Certified:
Learn to scuba dive! You will take a full course including e-Learning, exams & in-water learning, to become a confident diver. In this course, you will gain knowledge in scuba science, gear setup and breakdown procedures, how to interact with marine life, and how to address situations in the event of an emergency. Once you complete this course, you are free to dive anywhere in the world within your certification's recreational limits.


Continue your education:
Advance your skills by taking a next-level or specialty course. You can find the full course list here and if I am not able to teach it, I will find someone who is certified to do so!

Are you someone that loves the water and is interested in scuba diving? Or are you already certified, but it's been a while since your last dive and you're feeling a bit rusty?


Discover Scuba Diving or take a refresher with me, to get you up to speed!

All interested parties are required to fill out this Medical form before signing up to ensure you can participate. Although Scuba Diving is a safe sport, there are certain medical conditions that may prohibit an individual from participating.

If you or your doctor have any questions regarding your medical history with Scuba, please contact Divers Alert Network (DAN) 1-919-684-2948.

Discover Scuba Diving:

Find out what scuba diving is like before deciding to get certified by trying it out for the first time in a pool or calm water environment.  

An Instructor will walk you through how the gear works, gear setup, get you comfortable in the water, and answer all your questions no matter how nervous or excited you may be.

Take a Refresher course:​
Refresh your skills before your next trip by checking in on how to assemble equipment, going over tricky skills like mask removal, touching base on how to approach issues should they arise underwater, and strengthening your grasp on scuba science.


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